Christmas Wreath Collection 2018

Yes, the most exciting time of the year is on its way - in 100 days exactly! Christmas; the big C; is on route.

I am a truly festive person, and love everything to do with Christmas and festivities - in particular (as well as the food of course) I love the decorations.

So this makes me super excited to announce that Emi Floral Designs is launching our first Christmas Wreath Collection!

A big part of Emi Floral Designs is keeping up to date with current trends and fashion, creating designs relevant with the style of now- and this is no different with our wreaths.

Each collection (this year and those following) is inspired by the Christmas trends of the year; the colour schemes, on trend decorations and moods. This means that brand new wreath designs will be released each year.

Our wreaths are first visualised with pencil, paper and water colours; giving life to the festive features imagined; and from here each material required can be sourced, and the wreaths created!

This year’s collection includes four designs, all available to pre order:

Roldoph’s Flight

Red, gold and silver features mimicking Santa’s sleigh, with hints of navy - just like the sky on Christmas Eve night. This gorgeous wreath incorporated traditional design with a combination of tartan and Hessian ribbon forming a double bow. Throughout the wreath, a combination of festive foliages; including Pine, Eucalyptus, Conifer and Holly; is accompanied with pine cones, red berries and a mix of red, silver and gold baubles nestled within. Roldoph’s Flight adds a glimmer of festive sparkle with a traditional Christmas design.

Price: 12” £35.00, 14” £45.00

Barn in Bethlehem

A raffia and hessian bow is the main centre piece of thus wreath. It is supported by a selection of pine cones, birch twigs and raffia tied cinnamon sticks distributed around the design. The natural straw colouring is complimented with soft reds and pinks from the berries dotted throughout, and dried limes add to the festive fragrance. The base for these decorations includes Pine, Rosemary, Holly and Eucalyptus. The wreath has a rustic feel and is beautifully scented.

Price: 12” £35.00, 14” £45.00

Starry Night

The most glamorous of our wreath collection, this design will twinkle like the stars on Christmas Eve night. The rose gold, white and grey colour scheme is modern, and the delicate sprinkle of tinsel, complimented by rose gold ribbon with a little sparkle, is extremely festive. The foliage base incorporated matte grey/blue Eucalyptus and silver Brunia most prominently; with hints of Pine, Holly and other festive foliages. Dried limes and white baubles add the finishing touch.

Price: 12” £35.00, 14” £45.00

Festive Pick a Mix

This wreath is yours to create! The mixed foliage base will be formed from Pine, Eucalyptus, Conifer, Rosemary, Ivy and Holly as well as touched of other festive foliages- then from here it is yours to imagine! Either being in your own special decorations (specific baubles, ribbons, tassels, feathers, whatever your festive heart desires) or choose from orange and lime slices of balls; cinnamon sticks; pine cones; Birch branches; red, silver or gold baubles; and a selection of ribbons. This wreath can be made to any style, theme or taste and will be entirely unique to your Christmas door.

Price: 12” £35.00, 14” £45.00

All our wreaths are made traditionally, using a wreath ring and moss base, and all securely backed so there is no chance of scratches from wire on your lovely door. They can be ordered in either 12” or 14” (size of base before decorations and foliage added).

All pre orders will close on Sunday 25th November (however I will be selling some bespoke designs from my Ampthill flower stalls throughout the end of November and first few weeks of December so of you miss the deadline don’t worry!)

Merry early Crimbo!

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