Mother’s Day 2019

Wow! Thank you so much for all your orders, support and love over Mother’s Day - can’t believe we sold out our market stall by 12 o’clock!

Hope all your Mum’s loved their blooms!

Valentines 2019

Roses are red, Violets are blue… Hope you all loved your flowers, and a big thank you!

Valentines Day at our little market stall was full to the brim with red roses and gorgeous bouquets!

Thank you to everyone who ordered, stopped by the stall and showed your support- hope you had an amazing day and loved your flowers!

Hanging Wreath in Zoohause

In November 2018 I was commissioned to create a hanging Festive installation at Zoohause in Woburn.

Silk Flowers and fairy lights were to adorn a 4 and a half foot (diameter) wreath, which was then to be suspended from the ceiling.

I create this design (it was larger than me when standing once finished!) with a mossed frame, plenty of wire and an abundance of gorgeous silk flowers and foliage.

This piece was challenging (untangling all those fairy lights was a nightmare!) but I am so happy with the result!

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