About your Christmas Wreath and How to Care for it

All of our bespoke Christmas wreaths are made completely by hand in the little Emi Floral Designs studio.

We begin with a metal wreath ring, then build up the form using moss and pine, before backing everything to ensure no scratches or water damage occurs once they are hung. This is the traditional method of wreath making, and the one we will be teaching at our Wreath Making Workshops.

Once your lovely wreath is hung, pride of place on your front door, the cold from the winter air will contribute to keeping it fresh and looking its best, however due to the nature of a Christmas wreath, the foliage will begin to dry out.

Emi floral designs only uses long lasting foliage, that will dry similar to its natural shape, so your wreath will continue to look beautiful as the month goes on.

To preserve the freshness longer, please spray your wreath with a little water once a week (a little more often if you are keeping it indoors, as central heating will dry it out quicker).

Hope you enjoy your wreath!

Bespoke Christmas Wreaths

The time has come - our wreaths have begun!

Christmas wreaths are one of our favourite things to create, from traditional red and green, full of pine cones and orange slices, to quirky versions with peacock feathers, rose gold tinsel and sparkly baubles - we can make whatever you wish to adorn your door for the festive season!

Keep an eye out as our wreaths are appearing in the local area - let us know if you spot our creations!

Order your own for £35 (12inch base) or £45 (14inch base)

Hello Pumpkin

Feeling the Halloweeny vibes of October we have created our range of pumpkin designs.

Our pumpkins are specifically chosen to make sure they are the prettiest, then are carved and treated to make sure they stay fresh all through the festivities.

These are the base for an abundance of blooms! Exploding with colourful seasonal flowers these are the perfect centrepiece or decoration for Haloween.

We work with different sized pumpkins with each one unique and beautiful.

These are available to pre order and will be sold from our flower market stalls from now to the end of October.

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