New Design Alert: Mossed Fish Bowls

New design alert!

 I love the texture of moss, and that was what I wanted to feature in this design - so I combined it with glass. The fish bowl was perfect for this as the round form allowed the texture of the moss to be clearly seen - and the top was open and ready to be filled with flowers.

Hope you like them as much as I do!

I’ll be selling them on my flower stalls - they’re also available to order in advance so you are garanteed to get one (they sell out fast!)

Our First Market Stall

On Thursday 6th September 2018 we opened our little gazebo for our very first flower market stall - at Ampthill Farmers Market!

I was incredibly excited and have been working super hard planning lovely floral designs for you to buy - including gorgeous vintage teacups, little milk bottles and a range of rustic containers full of blooms, as well as our signature wild bouquets.

The market is held in the centre of Ampthill, at the bottom of Waitrose car park (super handy for parking and to grab a pretty bunch of blooms on your weekly shop) and we will be open from 8:30 - 1.

We will be returning to this little spot every Thursday of the month so if you miss our grand opening hopefully you’ll be able to make it another time.

Hope to see you there!

The Most Porridgy Weekend

On the 7th of April I woke up at 3:30; filled my car with little jars of foliage and flowers; drove for two hours to Norwich and decorated the lovely little Studio 20 with Gyp and Eucalyptus!

This was the weekend of Norridge Porridge - and what a brilliant two days it was!

I was dressed in completely floral attire - sporting my new personalised apron, my new favourite thing (the stamps been demoted to second place). We opened at 8 on the dot and it was busy from then onwards with Livvy and Rowen (the amazing brains behind Norridge) filling everyone’s tummies with warm porridge and tasty baked treats (I opted for the ginger apple speciality and it was absolutely delicious).

That Saturday was spent arranging little bouquets, helping make teas and coffees, and eating as much porridge as I could! - And hopelessly staring at the range of banana bread and cinnamon rolls which sadly gluten free me couldn’t indulge in (deffo nagging Rowen and Livvy for those secret recipes).

5pm came around, and all exhausted we shut up shop and huddled around the table demolishing boxes of takeaway pizza.

The rest of the eve was filled with chatter, a few bubbles and late night banana bread making in our pjs…

Sunday 8th April - time to open up again! Once again the cafe was packed with customers and filled with chatter - and once again I had a bowl of delicious porridge in hand (this time made it myself with berry compote and flaked almonds) and a slightly less floral attire in the form of a black and white dotty jumpsuit (although the apron and my all time fav flowery boots were still featured).

Thank you to everyone who visited the Norridge pop-up and made it such an amazing weekend! I shall be dreaming of my many bowls of porridge and excitedly waiting for the next time they open they’re doors - after a very long sleep!

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