We are Open for Contactless Delivery!

We are open for contactless deliveries - and we are very excited about it!

Our top priority is to ensure the safety of ourselves and our lovely customers, so will be following all the government guidelines, including:

- Sanitising everything.

- Payment will be taken solely by bank transfer or over the phone.

- Our deliveries will be made (while wearing gloves) by leaving your lovely items on your doorstep, knocking, and then standing a safe distance away.

- We will be delivering once a week on Fridays (except for this week which will be Saturday 2nd and Monday 4th - details below) and keeping very local to minimise travel.

- We will be monitoring  daily any further guidance and will keep up to date with these.

One of the sole purposes for opening is to bring some joy to these strange times and also an opportunity to give back to all the amazing key workers!  We will have 25 bunches of flowers on stand by for delivery this weekend, so please contact us to nominate any key workers who have helped you through this strange time (local area only and first come first serve) UPDATE: So lovely to receive all the nominations - we have booked all our bunches now, thank you!

Contact us to order flowers, plants and pots and keep an eye on our socials and on here as we have so many lovely things coming your way (including our at home workshops!)

P.S. We are prepping the shop with all safety requirements ready to open as soon as the Government gives the go ahead!

Mother’s Day 2020

What an amazing weekend! 

Thank you so much to everyone who visited our shop and bought some of our lovely flower arrangements, pots and plants - we are so grateful for all the support and love!

Hope you all have a lovely Mother’s Day and all your Mum’s loved their flowers!

Seed Ball

Such a cute addition to the shop - Seed Ball!

These gorgeous little tins contain balls of flower seeds, all made completely of natural ingredients. Clay and Chilli protects the seeds from birds, bugs and slugs, while the ball slowly degrades and the seeds sprout. With each ball containing between 30 and 150 seeds these are the easiest way to grow a beautiful flower garden (plus there’s no digging! Just sprinkle them on the surface of the soil) We have 5 different types: The Bee Mix, Artist Meadow, Butterfly Mix, Urban Meadow and Cloud Meadow - each containing a different selection of flowers - Such a sweet gift for a budding gardener or to create your own floral haven! 

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