Gift Boxes

Our range of gift boxes are the perfect accompaniment for your bouquet! Pre order below.

Our gift boxes are for collection from the shop only.

The Plant Lover Gift Box

Included in this gift box:

- The Little Book for Plant Parents

- Indoor Plant Rescue

- 'I'm rooting for you' Plant sign

- Mini succulent

- Small succulent pot


The Gardening Gift Box - Bee gloves

Included in this gift box:

- Bee pattern gardening gloves 

- 'Gardening for Mind, Body and Soul' book

- Hand Cream - Scent: Forget me not 

- To do note pad

- Grow Bar - Victorian flowers


The Gardening Gift Box - Tweed gloves

Included in this gift box:

-  Tweed gardening gloves 

- The gardening puzzle book

- Mini snips

- Brown twine

- Calendula seed pack

- Nail brush


The Relaxation Gift box

Included in this gift box:

- 'Rest' (bergamot, lavender and patchouli) scented tea lights

- 'Bloom' (rose geranium and lavender) scented bath salts

- 'Herbalist' (English lavender and bergamot) scented hand and body lotion

- Time for Relaxation candles


The Honey Bee Gift Box

Included in this gift box:

- Grow Bar - The Bee Bar

- 'Planting for Honey Bees' book

- Honeysuckle scented raw honey bar soap 

- English rose scented beeswax hand balm

- Hand cream - Scent: The Honey Bee


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